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> I don't think most men would believe it, even if you told them.
> First, they usually don't think of things dividing by gender.
> Second, they expect to be better than  a mere woman,
> while women are conditioned  to think that they  are never
> as good as a man and told it  more often than not.  (As well
> as warned that she will never be attractive to men if she's
> SMARTER than they are).

I would expect there to be age-depdendent differences in responses. 
Anecdotal stories have shown me examples where elementary school aged
boys do badly and dislike art class partly because they have been told
they are not as good as girls.  

> But it's all in how you respond. When I was a college student
> (at Berkeley inthe early 80s), the instructor in charge of chemistry
> 1 lab told us flat out  that the women would
> do worse than the men. Ironically, the instructor was herself a
> woman.  Her comment made me furious, so  I took considerable
> pleasure in beating  all the men in my section to prove her wrong.

Exactly.  And thus, without the appropriate controls the cited study
provides little substance to evaluate male/female differences in

B. Martin

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