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Mon Nov 6 10:31:22 EST 2000

SLF wrote:
I don't think most men would believe it, even if you told them.
First, they usually don't think of things dividing by gender.

Well if that were true, we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place 
would we!

After all, look at all those male postdocs who complain that
they aren't getting jobs because "They" are hiring women. The
idea that a woman could actually be better than they are
doesnt even cross their minds if she published more,
it must be because she got special treatment.

Well, I don't know what the post-doc's are like in your place, but right 
here, right now, I've yet to meet a single male post-doc who's p'eed off at 
the number of women being employed.  In fact I'd even go so far as to say 
male post-doc's encourage their boss to employ females - to make the lab a 
more balanced place to work in.

I would also assert that anyone who rejects/accepts a paper for publication 
on the basis of the sex of the first author is skating on very thin ice - 
which is why it doesn't happen!  Personally I never even bother to look at 
the names - like most people reviewing papers, I'm too damn busy to worry 
about petty crap like that, and would rather read the interesting bits and 
get it off my desk to make room for something else.

WRT the original post, yes, pretty chilling, but it lacks controls such as 
telling men to "do the manly thing", "act like a man" e.t.c.  One would 
imagine these would have a similar effect.   Moving the story on to 
something more cheery - I did read somewhere that students who were given a 
chocolate bar before an exam scored higher.  But hey, who ever needed an 
excuse to eat chocolate!


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