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Mon Nov 6 13:22:53 EST 2000

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> But it's all in how you respond. When I was a college student
> (at Berkeley inthe early 80s), the instructor in charge of chemistry
> 1 lab told us flat out  that the women would
> do worse than the men. Ironically, the instructor was herself a
> woman.  Her comment made me furious, so  I took considerable
> pleasure in beating  all the men in my section to prove her wrong.

Reminds me of my experience in Honors Chemistry in high school.  The class
started out with 8 females and 16 males.  It ended with 16 males and 1
female (me).  The male instructor would grill the girls in the class,
sitting on your desktop while staring down at you, if you faltered in
answering the question he would always say, "I'll bet there is a boy in the
class who can answer that!" (Well, duh, one out of the 16 is bound to know
the answer!) This was the cue for some boy to jump in and answer the
question, while the teacher, still sitting on your desk, would look down at
you with a smirk on his face.  After 1st semester, where he managed to
dispose of all the females except for myself, he tried to get me out of his
class by going to my guidance counselor and telling him that I was really
"struggling" in his class and he might have to fail me (I had an A average).
I refused to drop down and ended up getting a C, since I had a serious
deficiency in sports trivia knowledge, which became an important part of
subsequent tests in that class.  At that point, I really didn't give a damn
about the grade, I just wanted to make the point that he couldn't scare all
the undesirables (women) out of his class, no matter what he did.

Sheryl White, Ph.D. (Biochemistry/Cell and Molecular Biology!)

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