Karen Lee ktlee+ at
Sat Nov 11 17:32:54 EST 2000

michael kahn wrote:

> I apologize for being pedantic but you gave this guy too much of the
> argument.....  (snip)

I knew his argument was spurious, but he was a mathematician at a table with
mostly humanities faculty and me, a biologist. I wasn't about the win an
argument about his statistical assumptions, so I didn't even try to go there.

Whether his next logical step was actually logical is neither here nor
there.  I knew where he was going with the argument, having heard the
argument before.  So I tried to beat him to it.

I used this only to illustrate that the attitude that women are being hired
because they are women is out there and not just among the "old guard".  I
have had several other conversations with male colleagues about salaries,
equity raises and promotion in which the success of women was attributed to
gender rather than performance.

You are right about the illogic of the arguments. They are illogical but they
can be easily dressed up to sound legitimate.


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