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As we discussed last month, I have written a FAQ for this group which
was posted for comment on my web site.  The deadline of 15 nov 2000 is
now passed, and I thank you all for your helpful remarks.  The following
FAQ will be posted at the beginning of each month for this group.

>>>>>>>>>>Frequently Asked Questions>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
What is the women in biology newsgroup?
     This group is dedicated to discussion of issues relevant to
     women in science, and all that entails. In terms of
     appropriate messages, as it says in the charter,
     Mass-posted commercial messages, chain letters, and similar
     postings not germane to the stated purpose of the charter
     will be deleted without comment. Inappropriate messages
     posted in good faith will be returned to the sender where
     feasible. Messages not strictly within the charter but
     likely to be of interest to many subscribers will be
     accepted. Use of the newsgroup for commercial purposes is

Who can post here?
     Anyone can post. The group welcomes participation by men
     and women at all levels. Please note that we try to
     maintain a civilized level of discourse, even when we

I posted a message, and it never appeared. What do I do?
     This is a recurrent problem. The web page with the
     directory is updated every evening. You should contact the
     bionet personnel (such as Geoff Gibbs, at
     G.Gibbs at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk), if you think a message has gone
     astray (for example, if it hasn't appeared in about 3 days
     on the bionet web site). Fastest responses will be found by
     accessing the group via the web page at
     http://www.bio.net/hypermail/womenbio/current/ rather than
     a local news-server. Bionet has no control over whether
     your local news server is sending your messages or updating
     its newsgroups regularly, so you might need to contact your
     news server's Sys-admin.

I'm looking for a job. Can this group help me?
     Certainly. Participants here have jobs at every level of
     science, and have scads of experience to share with you.
     And if you want to check out a list of jobs, go to bionet's
     job offered board at
     http://www.bio.net/hypermail/biojobs/current/. In the
     current climate, most places are eager to consider women
     applicants, so send that CV out!

Where can I find out more information?
     There are many sources of information on the internet. You
     might start at the women in biology internet launch page,
     at http://pingu.salk.edu/~forsburg/bio.html

There are no messages. Is this group alive?
     Yup! Right now, we are probably busy doing experiments/
     teaching/ writing grants/ being parents/ taking exams/
     reviewing papers/ directing labs/ managing projects/ being
     partners/ looking for jobs/ running our company/ working on
     our dissertations...., and waiting for a new thread to
     catch our eye. So start something!


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