Congrats to one of our own (SLF) - quality & quantity

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Wed Nov 29 15:04:27 EST 2000

Congratulations to Susan Forsburg!  The Netwatch section of last 
week's Science (Vol 290, 17 Nov 200 p. 1255) highlighted her Women in 
Biology Internet Launch Page, at  with "links to scads of 
online articles and reports . . ."


As a longtime lurker and occasional poster, I've really appreciated 
both the WIB Launch Page (to which our Wesleyan Women in Science page 
links) and the insightful comments you have contributed to this group.

Back to the previous thread about quality, quantity, mimimal 
publishable units, publicons, and how thin you can slice the salami 
and still taste any of it:

	There was the suggestion a few years back that each scientist 
be allotted a fixed, limited number of publications per lifetime. 
That would encourage each to consider carefully what was worth 
publishing, and cut down drastically on honorary co-authorship. 
However, like campaign finance reform, changes that might adversely 
affect those in power tend not to occur very rapidly.


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