The editor responds: MIT alumni revisited

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Tue Oct 31 13:13:16 EST 2000

I thought the editorial reply was fair.  The reply did acknowledge the
need to be cautious about such comments.  

My guess is the responses to your query will be divided based on each's
view of alumni magazines.  I agree with the editor that alumni magazine
should be more than feel-good publications.  

B. Martin  

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(SLF) wrote:

> SF> Giving space to these comments legitimizes them, and insults the
> SF> talented, hard working women of the MIT community. Alumni magazines
> SF> are supposed to be feel-good organs of the institution. It
> SF> certainly doesn't make me feel very good about MIT that you
> SF> considered it appropriate to air this anti-women attitude.
> SF>
> SF> These remarks offer a bitter counterpoint to recent and laudable
> SF> efforts to make the Institute fair and inclusive (for example, the
> SF> 1999 faculty report on the status of women). The thoughtless
> SF> inclusion of his comments in the reunion article suggests that the
> SF> greater Institute community still has a long way to go to make all
> SF> its members feel welcome.
> SF>
> SF> I am very disappointed.
> SF>
> SF> Yours sincerely,
> SF>
> SF> Susan L Forsburg PhD '89
> The editor's response:
> ED> The editorial mission of the MIT news is to objectively cover the
> ED> Institute and its alumni constituency. Contrary to Ms. Forsburg's
> ED> assertion that "Alumni magazines are supposed to be feel-good
> ED> organs of the institution," the mission of today's TR is not to be
> ED> a cheerleader for MIT. The staff of MIT News presents the latest
> ED> news about campus and alumni to our readers, and we let readers
> ED> make their own value judgements about what it means to MIT and
> ED> their lives. As for Ms. Forsburg's assertion that we would not have
> ED> printed derogatory remarks about an African-American or a Hispanic
> ED> scientist, she raises a good point which the staff of the MIT news
> ED> will take into account in future issues.

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