Half time tenure track?

Janet Mertz Mertz at oncology.wisc.edu
Mon Jan 15 13:30:52 EST 2001

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, anyone, regardless of sex, can 
request a tenure clock extension for cause without having to go onto 
reduced percent time unless desired. Causes include not just for care of 
young children (by fathers as well as mothers), but also for care of other 
close relatives (e.g., aged parents) and major illnesses (e.g., treatments 
for cancer). Tenure clock extensions are currently being requested by 1/4 - 
1/3 of all tenure track faculty, not just women. Although this policy opens 
up a new can of worms regarding tenure clocks in general, it diminishes the 
problems associated with going down to part time status (e.g., "1/2 time" 
in reality is 1/2 pay including years toward retirement for 70-90% work 
effort since all obligations except formal course teaching load remain 
essentially unchanged). A compromise currently being used by one faculty 
member in my department with two young children is working officially 3/4 
time for 1/2 time on her tenure clock. I am not sure why, by the tenure 
clock rules here seems to allow for this.

Janet Mertz

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