Who reads this ng and why?

Linnea Ista lkista at unm.edu
Wed Jan 24 16:31:27 EST 2001

Good question.  I was here in the days we had some pretty heated
discussions.  I guess the problem is that we have not had anyone (Mr
Chan, for example) posting anything outrageous for awhile!  Not that
this is particularly illuminating, but there it is.

I have noticed that other groups have been quiet lately, too.
Beginning of the semester, perhaps?  Grant writing season?

On the other hand, if I were to start a conspiracy, I think I might just
start with the 4 or 5 decorous, polite souls who have been posting!  I
think we could get something good going.


patricia bowne wrote:

> The thread title says it all -- except what
> would we like the ng to do for us? Is there
> a point to having a women-in-biology newsgroup?
> Or is 'women in biology' really not a useful
> grouping -- are we more interested in entomologists'
> or physiologists' newsgroups? What newsgroups do
> we find useful, and why?
> I'm assuming this is our ng and we could make it
> into something we find useful or amusing. Right now
> it seems to be very decorous, sort of like
> a polite tea-party to which only five or six people
> have shown up. Five or six people make for a small
> party, but they can form a lively conspiracy, strike
> force, writer's group, or jug band -- can't we come up
> with something fun to do on our very own newsgroup?
> Pat

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