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> I read other newsgroups in my discipline, but this is the only
> newsgroup that really deals with the social/political issues of being
> a woman in science.  And now that I'm a faculty member, the number of
> female peers I have to talk to in my department don't even total
> pat's five or six person party.

I hear you, there are no other women in my company that do what I do.
And I think there is one woman at the upper management level.
Fortunately, I have a terrific boss who is mentoring me, and I can
actually discuss gender issues with him. It is, to me, really amazing
to work for someone like that.

>Digging through the archives of the
> newsgroup is always an eye opener-there are threads from the past
> that could start all over again with a fresh insight, having lain
> dormant for several years. Just please don't bring back Mr. Chen for
> those of you who remember that episode :).

LOL! Now I have to go back through the archives and find that!


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