Who reads this ng and why?

Megan Igo megan at ucla.edu
Thu Jan 25 19:38:36 EST 2001

Hi All,

I have been reading this newsgroup for several years, since the early 
90's when I was in grad school.  I have posted to it, but not in years - 
but that doesn't mean I don't read and appreciate it.  I find often I 
have not yet come to the point in life where some of these issues are 
relevant to me (such as child care, Im not a mom, but maybe someday), 
but hearing of others' concerns and experiences I feel gives me some 
awareness which I would not otherwise have.  I have begun paying more 
attention to the women in the department, and watching what happens to 
them as they attempt to move up the ranks, or just get a degree or tenure.

Anyway, I am a lurker, and when I have something interesting to add to a 
discussion, I will, but often someone else has already made a point I 
would, and I don't post because I feel the point has been made (usually 
quite well), and no one needs to read a bunch of "me too" postings.  But 
if you listen carefully, sometimes you may hear a small voice in the 
distance... "meee tooooo!"

I too notice that this group has a bit of a "cycle", but I have not 
tried to track it with a calendar.  Heavy flow for a few days, then just 
spotty, then nothing, and a while later, lots of discussion again.  I 
don't think it is a "chick" thing, rather a teaching/grant writing/paper 
writing/benchwork/trying to do everything in only so many hours thing.  
Some times are just more amenable to people considering ideas, and 
finding the time to post about them.  The great thing is one post is all 
it takes to get a great discussion going!


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