Who reads this ng and why?

Kimberley Snowden ksnowden at hort.cri.nz
Thu Jan 25 19:38:40 EST 2001

I'd also like to join everyone else in saying that there are plenty of
us out there, who probably lurk more than write, but find this to be a
very useful newsgroup. Back in the mid-90s I used to post a reasonable
amount, but after a bad experience in another newsgroup I tend to mostly
lurk these days. Still, women-in-bio has proven to be a great newsgroup
in that there has been open talk about issues that face us in science,
not only those just limited to women; as well as a supportive and pretty
polite and reasoned atmosphere (something that doesn't always happen in
all newsgroups). Like many, I would like to see more posting here, and I
guess if a few more of us stopped lurking, that might help.


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