who posts to this NG and why

Sabine Dippel s.dippel at germanynet.de
Tue Jan 30 14:51:17 EST 2001


sorry about the non-existent threading for this post - which already points to the 
reason why I have posted extremely seldom here in the last few years. Ever since 
I started working in industry, I haven't had a really convenient access to the news 
in general (my private provider does not provide access to the bionet newsgroups),
so I essentially read this group, but hardly ever post, because I don't like using 
the web/e-mail interface for that. 
But I'm still there, and reading with the same interest as ever (and yes, I remember 
Mr. Chen, I've been here long enough for that). 
That said, I probably should introduce me to the people who don't know me. I am 
a physicist, and found this group when I was looking for a "women-in-physics" 
newsgroup when I started working on my PhD. I didn't find one (there are a number 
of mailing lists, but none of them as good as this group), but I found "women-in-bio".
I even met another german physicist through this group who ended up here the
same way as I did (Sylvia, are you still around?). 
Even though the group does have a certain focus on the US system, and things are 
somewhat different in physics than in biology (for me the typical situation always 
has been to be the only woman in the lab except for the secretary), I have found 
lots of interesting discussions here, and even after moving to industrial research 
three years ago, still find many interesting topics. True, things have been slack at 
some times since the group switched to moderation (no offense meant to the 
moderators, it simply does make a difference if messages appear right away or
some hours later, because discussions get dragged out that way), but as we see 
now, things can get moving again with some good threads. 
Well, I am afraid I have nothing to contribute myself to the present threads, just 
wanted to say I'm still around, still happy with my decision to leave academic 
research, and keep on reading.



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