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Mon Nov 26 04:59:26 EST 2001

I'm posting this on behalf of my wife and perhaps my sanity and I'm hoping
that there is someone out there that will give my wife some pointers.

My wife, Jeanette is 46 years of age and for the past number of years
(perhaps 6yrs) she's been suffering from PMT symptoms. They include bad
depression, agression, frustration, the physical includes period pains and
fluid retention. All the above passes after around ten days and so in effect
she has a fifteen day period.

We have a daughter who is now five years old and my wife now has the marina
coil fitted but even although she has no bleeding, she still has all the
above symptoms. The one that brings her down the most is the fluid retention
because it makes her feel so bloated.

She's been on prozac, she's tried diet sheets, exercise sheets, staying away
from dairy products, she's now quit smoking, she has a really healthy diet
(although that's always been the case). Sahe's tried homeopathy and various
different things that her GP has put to her but she feels that the GP has
little understanding or knowledge to offer.

She used to be a size 12 before our daughter  was born and she now a size 16
to 18. Like I say, she's asked me to post for as much advice as possible.
I'm hoping that if there's any responses to this she'll actually sit down at
the keyboard and interact with whomever herself, I've been asked to
hopefully get the ball rolling and so if there is anyone out there, please
please give whatever positive comments you can.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I'll be hearing from you.

My email is tommy.glassford at

Tommy on behalf of Jeanette.

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