men and wives

Gerd Nilsen gerdn at
Sun Mar 3 05:09:02 EST 2002

YES men have to start going home earlier. And the only way to getting
in that direction is for  women to stop pampering them!

Every wife should demand that her husband participate equally in the
housekeeping functions; like shopping gifts for the relatives, staying
home with a sick child, making cookies for all sorts of  activities
and all the other time consuming things that glues society together,
and which makes women have to leave the lab or office hours before the
male co-workers start thinking of getting home to clean shirts and a
meal prepared by the wife.

I think women have to start taking collective resopnsibility for an
equal society. It's NOT possible to get equal opportunities at work if
there is not equal workload at home. And it's not enough that a couple
of families with busy mother practisizes equality at home - almost
every family must do the same. 

Yes, I am aware that lots of women finds it so kozy staying at home
with a todler, and then it's convenient to do all the housekeeping at
the same time. 
But, women have to start thinking a little longer than for this day
and maybe the next few months  only. There comes a day when you might
want or need to get fair opportunities at work. 

Start in your own home, and then convince all your friends to do the
same. - If every women does that, the next generation will have equal
opportunities - both the positive and the negative sides of it.

The nice part of it is that men are social creatures, so if enough of
them starts going home at four o'clock to prepare a dinner for the
grandparents or whatever, they will tell everybody that that's exactly
what they enjoy doing, and the rest of them will leave the office
earlier too becaus its no longer fanzy working long hours.

And thats the time when women no longer have equal opportunities, but
better: because we have generations of experiense in working much more

 from Norway, the country with the highest density of working mothers
in Europe. We are strong, we are independent - we don't need men, but
they can be fun sharing life with them.

On 26 Feb 2002 08:40:11 -0000, patricia bowne <pbowne at>

>What needs to be done is for MEN to rebel against the 80-hour work week.
>As long as males are available to serve at them employer's pleasure, of
>course they will achieve more than women who are not willing to do this. 
>However, many men (and some women) may feel that they want the rewards
>of working long hours, and they will fuel the 'race to the bottom'. So
>what's really needed is for the AAAS to get involved in a drive for a
>40-hour work week for scientists. We need a union. (Well, you
>researchers do -- I'm in the small college teaching business, which is
>where you go if you want a life :-)  )

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