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Postdoctoral grant available at Umeå University, Sweden

A postdoctoral grant is available within the project 'The
lichenicolous (lichen-inhabiting) fungi of Sweden', covering a
two-year period. This project is part of the Swedish Taxonomy
Initiative (http://www.artdata.slu.se/Svenska_artprojektet_Eng.htm).
The successful applicant will be responsible for summarising and
updating the current knowledge of Swedish lichenicolous fungi. The
work will involve: fieldwork in northern Scandinavia; revisions of
the taxonomy and nomenclature of the Swedish lichenicolous taxa; the
production of scientific treatments to be published internationally
in refereed journals, and/or monograph series; the production of a
searchable database of literature dealing with lichenicolous fungi;
and studies on the evolution of the lichenicolous traits and
life-forms. The aim is to produce a complete treatise of the Swedish
lichenicolous fungi.

Candidates should have a PhD (or be expected to get one in the near
future) in a relevant field, and have substantial documented
experience of microscopy and descriptive taxonomy of fungi and/or
lichens. The successful candidate is expected to start in the
beginning of 2003.

Putative candidates are encouraged to address informal enquiries to
Mats Wedin (+46-90-786 7045 or mats.wedin at eg.umu.se).

Candidates should send a detailed CV, together with the names and
addresses of two referees to: Dr Mats Wedin, Dept. of Ecology and
Environmental Science, Umeå University, SE-901 87 Umeå, Sweden

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