[REQ] postdoc in Molecular Neurobiology

Erzsébet Mária Szatmári szatmari at bluebottle.com
Tue Sep 9 04:23:09 EST 2003

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I am searching for a post-doctoral position in the field of Molecular
Neurobiology starting from November 2003. My research interests

1.Regulation of cerebral interendothelial junctions under
physiological and pathological conditions;
2.Signaling mechanisms regulating the paracellular permeability of the
blood brain barrier.

I have experience in the following methods: RT-PCR, Western blot
analysis, immunoprecipitation technique, zymography, isolation of
cerebral microvessels from rat brain cortex, immunohistochemistry.

For further information please contact me at
szatmari at bluebottle.com

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