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Applicants are invited to apply for a bioinformatics position at the PLANT 
GENE EXPRESSION CENTER of the United States Department of Agriculture 
(USDA), Agriculture Research Service (ARS) and University of California, 
Berkeley. The successful candidate is expected to build an independent 
research program in bioinformatics that effectively utilizes genome 
sequence information. The technical background and computational skills to 
develop appropriate bioinformatics tools and algorithms for analysis, 
visualization and public dissemination of information derived from studies 
of genomes of agricultural importance are required. The candidate is 
expected to develop a research program that complements ongoing research at 
the PGEC and to provide leadership for ARS in plant genomics and 
bioinformatics through interactions with institutions involved in 
large-scale sequencing and functional analysis of plant genomes. The 
successful applicant will be considered for an Adjunct Faculty appointment 
in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, University of California, 

Currently the PGEC consists of seven groups, led by Drs. Baker, Fletcher, 
Hake, McCormick, Ow, Quail and Theologis, whose research focuses on genetic 
and molecular analysis of plant processes such as disease resistance, 
stress tolerance, light signaling, reproduction and development. Genomic 
projects at the PGEC include sequencing of the Arabidopsis genome and 
ORFeome, analysis of disease resistance genes in Solanaceous crops, and of 
genes expressed in maize inflorescences, pollen and embryo sacs.

Candidates must be U.S. citizens. The position will be filled at the 
GS-13/14 level (Assistant/Associate Professor equivalent, salary 
commensurate with experience). For information about the position, see our 
web-site <> or contact 
Dr. Sarah Hake 
<mailto:maizesh at>maizesh at USDA is an 
Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.

Dr. Sheila McCormick
Plant Gene Expression Center
800 Buchanan St.
Albany, CA 94710
510-559-5678 (FAX)  
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