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        Brooklyn Botanic Garden is looking for a Museum
Technician/Research Assistant to assist with the cataloging and curation
of the herbarium.  They will work on an NSF-funded project to catalog
the Connecticut, New York and New Jersey specimens in BKL.  Their
primary responsibility will be data entry, but they will also work with
the curator and staff to curate and reorganize the collection.  
        If you are interested, please contact personnel at bbg.org for more


Examples of Responsibilities:
  Assist the Curator with organizing the herbarium collection
  Enter data from plant specimens into computer database
  File plant specimens in the Herbarium
  Determine localities from specimen label data
  Repair plant specimen mountings

  Able to work with dry plant material in a museum setting
  Experience with Windows and Microsoft office in network environment
  Experience with data entry, database programs, and MS Access
  Able to work part-time in cool (65 degree F) climate-controlled room
  Familiarity with maps, atlases, and local geography
  Careful, organized and able to work as part of a team
  BS in Science or Botany preferred

Apply to: 

Human Resources
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
1000 Washington Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11225
Fax: 718-622-7826
E-mail: personnel at bbg.org


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