[Women-in-biology] Obese Rat Anesthesia

Kiely Clark via womenbio%40net.bio.net (by clark45 from purdue.edu)
Fri Dec 11 09:31:24 EST 2009

We have been having some issues with dosing our rats for jugular cannulation
surgery. They are large males 415-460g. I know that anesthesia can be stored in
adipose tissue and then released at different times making dosing hard. We dosed
our rats at 80mg/kg Ketamine and 8mg/kg Xylazine mixture. This put them out for
the surgery, however they would take upwards of 6 hours to even begin waking up,
and occasionally they didn't ever wake up. We even tried given Yohimbine to
reverse the Xylazine but since they have such a small amount of that it didn't
do any good. Surgery only takes 30min tops but if we dosed them any lower they
still had pain reflexes so obviously we couldn't perform surgery. Does anyone
else have experience anesthetizing large obese rats? What drugs did/do you use?
Would gas anesthesia possibly be any better?


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