PROCHECK anyone?

Dave Schuller schuller at
Sat Dec 2 21:55:46 EST 1995

In article <199512020329.VAA23283 at>, xplor at OMEGA.OMRF.UOKHSC.EDU (Xplor Account) writes:

|> This isn't really an X-PLOR question . . .
|> |> Is there a site on this side of the Atlantic where I can download the 
|> latest version of PROCHECK?  I've been trying to get the new version
|> from London for a month now and every time it dies about 80K into a
|> 700K file (when it answers at all)

US - UK links have been troublesome lately. don't know why.  A few weeks ago I
needed a file from Oxford.  I finally logged onto a machine in Danmark and
retrieved the file to that site, then brought it to the U.S. in a second step.
(UK->Danmark step was slow; Danmark->US was very quick)
I would think the routers would be smart enough to figure that stuff out on their

Anyway, I don't know of a US mirror site, but have you increased the idle timout
limit in ftp? At the ftp prompt, enter "idle 7200" to increase the limit from the
default of 900 seconds, giving the transfer much more time to complete.  Why a
process that is actively transferring a file is considered "idle" is a question
I cannot answer...

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