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 In reference to the two following messages concerning PROCHECK
 > In article <199512020329.VAA23283 at>, xplor at OMEGA.OMRF.UOKHSC.EDU (Xplor Account) writes:
 > |> This isn't really an X-PLOR question . . .
 > |> |> Is there a site on this side of the Atlantic where I can download the 
 > |> latest version of PROCHECK?  I've been trying to get the new version
 > |> from London for a month now and every time it dies about 80K into a
 > |> 700K file (when it answers at all)
 2. The reply:
 > ....Anyway, I don't know of a US mirror site, but have you increased the idle timout
 > limit in ftp? At the ftp prompt, enter "idle 7200" to increase the limit from the
 > default of 900 seconds, giving the transfer much more time to complete.  Why a
 > process that is actively transferring a file is considered "idle" is a question
 > I cannot answer...
 **I too had the same problem getting PROCHECK from London. I tried  the
 above suggestion and am happy to say I now have PROCHECK. Thank you Dave

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