Nancy O. Manning oeder at TERMINATOR.PDB.BNL.GOV
Mon Dec 4 20:05:13 EST 1995

To the person needing PROCHECK-

> > This isn't really an X-PLOR question . . .
> >
> > Is there a site on this side of the Atlantic where I can download the
> > latest version of PROCHECK?  I've been trying to get the new version
> > from London for a month now and every time it dies about 80K into a
> > 700K file (when it answers at all).
> >

Did you know that the source code may be obtained from the Protein Data Bank?
 You need to sign the Procheck License Agreement and send it to PDB, then you
will be mailed the program.  The License Agreement can be obtained from PDB's
anonymous FTP site ( as the file

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