junk on X-PLOR mail server

Dave Schuller schuller at indigo2.biomol.uci.edu
Mon Dec 18 12:23:07 EST 1995

In article <9512181534.AA19238 at laplace.csb.yale.edu>, brunger at LAPLACE.CSB.YALE.EDU ("Axel T. Brunger") writes:
|> There has been a recent posting of junk mail to the bionet X-PLOR mailing list.  This
|> was one of the concerns that some of you raised during the discussion about
|> the bionet X-PLOR newsgroup.   Some of you also expressed concerns
|> about the continued unreliability of the newsgroup - mail server synchronization.
|> I would like to re-open the discussion about the bionet newsgroup.   Has it
|> been successful?   Is there a move to re-create a private mailing list
|> administered by my group?  Any comments are welcome.
|> Axel Brunger

I would prefer not to go to a mailing list format.  However I have no objections
to the newsgroup being moderated, which should serve the purpose of screening
out the spam.

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