junk on X-PLOR mail server

David Cullinan culli at DELBRUCK.PHARM.SUNYSB.EDU
Mon Dec 18 15:31:00 EST 1995

> There has been a recent posting of junk mail to the bionet... 
(snip for bandwidth)
> Is there a move to re-create a private mailing list
> administered by my group?  Any comments are welcome.

While the junk mail that occasionally comes through is mildly annoying,
I don't think it is too much of an inconvenience to quickly recognize it
for what it is and delete it.  To me it seems unnecessary to put anyone
through the work of setting up a private mailing list just to avoid such
a small and sporadic annoyance.

-David Cullinan
 culli at delbruck.pharm.sunysb.edu

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