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William T. Rankin wrankin at duke.edu
Tue Nov 21 12:33:14 EST 1995

>> I've run into a problem using the DISPLAY command in X-PLOR.  During long jobs,
>> X-PLOR seems to randomly forget to actually write to the file I have set with a
>> "set display=" command, even if the set display statement directly preceeds the
>> DISPLAY command.  This does not happen during all long jobs, and I have never
>> seen this occur during a short job. I am running on R4000, R4400, and R8000
>> SGI's all with the same result. Has anyone had similar problems, and if so, how
>> did you solve them?
>I've never run into this problem.
>Axel Brunger

Hmmm, is the original poster running on an AFS file system?
This sounds like an expired AFS "token" which would prevent
file access after a certain amount of time ( often 24 hours
or so ).

Just one possible explanation.

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