Simon M. Brocklehurst smb at bioch.ox.ac.uk
Tue Nov 21 10:56:52 EST 1995

Hi all,
     I keep getting the following error message:

 X-PLOR>end loop main 
 %BACEND-ERR: loop too long.  Shorten loop or recompile
 %BACEND-ERR: exceeded BUFMAX (COMAND) parameter --> recompile program
 BOMLEV=    0 reached.  Program execution will be terminated.
 Subroutine DIE called . Terminating

within a loop that "shouldn't" be too long i.e. has the
same or fewer commands within it than loops which run
just fine!  Has anyone come across this before?
  The commands that seem to be causing the problem are
"evaluate", and "coordinates" statements.

   BUFMAX is set to 5000 - how many commands in a loop
should this allow?

   Hope someone can throw some light on this!

  -- Simon

|  ,_ o     Simon M. Brocklehurst,
| /  //\,   Oxford Centre for Molecular Sciences, Department of Biochemistry,
|   \>> |   University of Oxford, Oxford, UK.
|    \\,    E-mail: smb at bioch.ox.ac.uk | WWW: http://www.ocms.ox.ac.uk/~smb/ 

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