Maria João Romão romao at itqb.unl.pt
Mon Oct 16 13:43:47 EST 1995

Dear Xplorers

I have a problem when trying to calculate maps of a 907 aa protein,
with high resolution data. I am doing calculations on a SG Extreme,
R4600 processor, having 64 MB memory.
What happens is that when trying to calculate maps with the standard
grid of 0.3 the process is killed due to lack of swapspace. However,
even increasing the total swapspace available to 155 MB, I can only 
calculate maps with a larger grid of 0.4 (with the best data to 2.0A).
Do you think buying memory extension will solve the problem ?
Does anyone have another suggestion?

I thank very much for any help or suggestion to this problem


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