Dave Schuller schuller at
Fri Oct 20 17:45:13 EST 1995


a couple topics came up recently in a different forum, and it seemed to me that
it might be more productive to mention them here.

a) i believe that in x-plor 3.1 it is not possible to refine the NCS matrix when
using strict NCS constraints.  is this true, and is there a plan to add this in
the next version of x-plor?  i understand that i could load the multiple molecules
without NCS constraints and do rigid body refinement, but this seems to be a
lot of manual work, when it should be easy to have a computer program do it
for you...

b) are there any plans to add NCS constraints/restraints over multiple crystal
forms in future versions of x-plor?

dave schuller
schuller at

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