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Wed Aug 7 23:53:16 EST 1996

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Postdoctoral Research in Biological NMR and Structure Computation

These positions are for individuals who are interested in using high
resolution NMR as a tool to elucidate intermolecular interactions and
molecular recognition of nucleic acids, proteins and their complexes

Position 1
Professor Xiaolian Gao
Dept. of Chemistry
Dept. of Biophysical & Biological Sciences
University of Houston
Project: Enediyne antibiotic antitumor-DNA complexes.  Bio- and chemical
synthesis of stable isotope labeling RNA and DNA oligonucleotides.  RNA and
protein-RNA complexes.

Position 2 (requires permanent residency or US citizenship)
Professor Joseph Morrisett
Dept. Molecular Medicine and Physiology
Baylor College of Medicine
Project: Proline-rich inhibitor-immunophilin complexes.

Position 3
Professor Kehe Ruan
Division of Hematology
Univ. Texas Medical School at Houston
Project: Structure and function studies of membrane binding cardiovascular
proteins, such as synthases of thromboxane A2 and prostaglandin H2. =20
Special requirements: Publications in protein chemistry and molecular=

Opening Date: Immediate.=20

- Ph.D. degree in Biophysics, Biochemistry, Chemistry, or related areas.
- Experience in performing and developing multinuclear multidimensional NMR
experiments for macrobiomolecular studies. =20
- Strong background in NMR-based structure elucidation.
- Interests in using a variety of biophysical approaches to study=
- Salary is highly competitive and commensurate with experience with a term
of 1 - 2 years (renewable upon mutual agreement).

Major Facility:
Bruker AMX-II 600 MHz spectrometer (three RF channels and a gradient system)
and other typical instruments for biophysical studies.
SGI and DEC workstations in the NMR laboratory and in the Keck Structural
Biology Computer Center at UH.

Affiliated Programs and Research Environment:
The Institute for Molecular Design at UH.
The Houston Area Molecular Biophysical Program.
The Keck Center for Structural Biology.

Application Requirements (applications are open till filled):
    Curriculum Vitae.
    Letters of reference (at least two letters).

Address for sending the application:
               Xiaolian Gao
               Department of Chemistry
               University of Houston
               Houston, TX 77204-5641
               Tel: 713 743-2805
               Fax: 713 743-2709
               Email: gao at kitten.chem.uh.edu

If the applicant is attending the Keystone ICMRBS (August 19 - 24), please
send Email in advance or contact Gao at the meeting (only available from 19
- 21th).

WWW URL:	http://www.nsm.uh.edu

Xiaolian (Shao-lin) Gao
Dept. Chemistry
University of Houston
Houston, TX 77204-5641
Tel: 713 743-2805   Fax: 713 743-2806
gao at kitten.chem.uh.edu

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