Classical-R, R-work, R-free

Raman barani at
Wed Aug 28 01:21:55 EST 1996

 Referring to R (WORKING set) as Rw, free R (10% TEST set)
 as Rf and the classical R as Rc,

 Rc (100% data) shows a marginally higher value than Rw. 
 If this is expected, then is it not proper to refer to Rw 
 and Rf more precisely than simply R and Rf where there is 
 a confusion between Rw and Rc? (particularly in publications)?

 On the other hand, posting an article at midnight instead of
 sleeping may be a bad idea :-)

 ps: For those of you busy in the x-ray lab, there is a useful
 and interesting article in Structure, Vol.4, 1996, p897
 on checking your imagination over R-free.

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