MAXPAD error

Paul Ramsland paul at INDY.BIO.UTS.EDU.AU
Wed Aug 28 01:16:23 EST 1996

I have been trying to set up a structure of a large protein model in a water
system.  However, during the placement of water's around the protein X-plor
crashes with the following message;

%GENRES-ERR: exceeded MAXPAD (PSF) parameter --> recompile program
 BOMLEV=    0 reached.  Program execution will be terminated.
 Subroutine DIE called . Terminating

Could someone help me with overcoming this.  I would prefer if I did not have
to recompile everything as I am lacking a fortran compiler.  Failing everything
I will just have to find the funds for the compiler.

Regards, Paul

Paul Ramsland BSc (Hon)

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