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Fri Aug 30 17:53:08 EST 1996

Two Postdoctoral Positions  are open in the Department of Molecular
Pharmacology and Biological Chemistry with emphasis on the crystallization
and X-ray structure determination of chemically modified nucleic acids,
catalytic DNAs and RNAs, and RNA-antibiotic complexes.
Current projects include the correlation of structural and thermodynamic
stability data to develop a data base for structure-based design of second
and third generation 'antisense' therapeutics. Further, structural studies
of chemically modified hammerhead ribozymes, analysis of metal ion-mediated
phosphate transesterifications in the solid state, and structure
determination of RNA aptamers.  We collaborate extensively with other
university and industrial research groups on the chemical synthesis of RNA
and modified oligonucleotides as well as in vitro selection approaches.
Candidates should have a strong background in chemistry/biology, small
molecule or macromolecular crystallography and computing. Applications
including curriculum vitae, a summary of research interests/experience and
two letters of recommendation should be forwarded to Dr. Martin Egli at the
address below.

Northwestern University is an equal opportunity, affirmative action
educator and employer

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