powell with soft repel crashes, why ?

Miriam Hasson mhasson at BRAGG.BIO.PURDUE.EDU
Thu Jan 11 16:43:33 EST 1996

  While I was looking back at the xplor archives, I found this message:

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  Subject: powell with soft repel crashes, why ?
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  dear xplorers,

  why would a powell refinement with repel=0.89 crash ?

  i get a

  UNIX >forrtl: error (65):floating invalid
  IOT trap.

  there is no problem at all with repel=0.0.

  where can i look ? anybody else had this problem ?

  thanks for any hints !


  I have had the same problem recently; but I found no answer in the
  archives.  Can anyone explain this now?


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