CCP4 -> XPLOR map

Dave Schuller schuller at
Wed Jan 10 20:11:06 EST 1996

In article <4d1cra$hqf at>, pett at (Eric Pettersen) writes:
|> mb1daw at (D Waller) wrote:
|> > Can anyone suggest a quick way to go from a CCP4 format map
|> > to an XPLOR format map ...
|> If you wish to write a conversion tool yourself ...

To echo my reply from the CCP4 bulletin board,
I already have a utility to do this.

login: anonymous
password: your_bankcard_PIN
cd pub/schullersoft
get mapref.tar.Z

look for program c2xmap.  While you're there, try out program pscal and the PDB
Pipeline utilities.

In addition, Gerard says that the Uppsala MAPMAN package can now do this

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