X-PLOR on POWER Challenge XL ???

Petr Padrta padrta at bilbo.chemi.muni.cz
Tue Jan 30 14:35:53 EST 1996

Does anybody here know how to compile X-PLOR 3.1f on SGI Power Challenge
XL ?(6x CPU MIPS R8000/75MHz, IRIX64 6.2-BETA). I've tried to compile the
version from the distribution tape and have found that it could be
compiled but only on SGI INDIGO 2 and the install.com script uses only
-mips2 switch. Then I've tried the version fixed with fixes downloaded
from ftp://xplor.csb.yale.edu/pub/ (universal instalation for every SGI)
and got only bunch of errors and warnings on both SGI machines. Does it
require any trick I don't know of ? I'm not so skilled in f77 compiler
options to compile it without instalation scripts but I'd like to have
full mips4 support and an ability to run it on more processors

   Thanks in advance

						padrta at chemi.muni.cz

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