Dials and Windows docs

David Cullinan culli at AMADEUS.PHARM.SUNYSB.EDU
Wed Nov 6 11:53:55 EST 1996

Hi, Xplor users!

Do any of you use Dials and Windows to analyze your dynamics runs?
If so, do you have a copy (file) of the documentation for it?  I used
to have a copy of the docs around somewhere, but can't seem to find it
now that I need it.
If any of you have a copy and could email it to me, or know where I could
download a copy of the docs, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you very much!
David Cullinan        (Graduate student)        
Dept of Biophysics    email:  culli at amadeus.pharm.sunysb.edu     
SUNY Stony Brook     

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