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Thu Nov 14 16:29:28 EST 1996


The Biotechnology Research Institute (BRI) has openings for self-motivated
researchers to study the structure-and-function relationships of proteins and
to design novel proteins or peptides as potential pharmaceutical agents.  The
research will be focusing on the following areas: (1) proprotein convertases
(PC's), calcium-sensing receptors (CaSRs), and CDC42-target complexes.  Candi-
dates should have a recent Ph.D. (within the last 5 years) in chemistry, bio-
chemistry or a related field and have demonstrated abilities in carrying out
creative research.  Experiences include protein expression, purification and
characterization, and the analysis of the structures of proteins by use of NMR
or other biophysical techniques.  Preferences will be given to candidates with
extensive knowledge in the conformational stabilities and folding of proteins
and peptides.  Experience in the determination of the 3D structures of proteins
by NMR is an important asset.

Successful applicants will start in the postdoctoral level, or depending on
qualifications, can be recruited to more senior positions offerred by the
National Research Council of Canada.  The Research Council offers competitive
salaries and other compensation packages commensurate upon your experience and
appointment levels.  Researchers have access to state-of-the-art facilities
for protein biochemistry.  Structural analysis is carried out with two (500
and 800 MHz) NMR spectrometers along with required computing facilities.  BRI
offers an intellectually stimulating environment for multi-disciplinary
research with expertise in molecular biology, protein/peptide chemistry, and
structural biology.

The Biotechnology Research Institute is a branch of the National Research
Council of Canada, interfacing academia and industry.  Your challenge will be
to succeed in high-impact scientific research while generating applications
transferable to pharmaceutical industry.  Qualified individuals are invited
to submit your resume, along with the names and addresses of three references,

               Feng Ni, Ph.D.
               Biotechnology Research Institute
               6100 Royalmount Avenue
               Montreal, Quebec, H4P 2R2, Canada
               phone: (514)-496-6729; fax: (514)-496-5143
               e_mail: fengni at

The positions will be available after January 1, 1997.  Applications will be
accepted until the positions are filled.  We thank all applicants IN ADVANCE
for their interests, however, only those being considered will be contacted.

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