Problem recompiling version 3.1

Omar G. Stradella omar at
Wed Nov 20 11:32:26 EST 1996

Gerson H Cohen wrote:
> I am having a problem recompiling Xplor 3.1 on an Irix 5.3 system.
> The link fails with the following:
>  Linking: f77 -o xplor.exe *.o -s /usr/programs/xplor/xplor_3.1/sgi/fft/libfft.a
>   -mips2
> ld:
> Unresolved:
> mp_numthreads_
> mp_my_threadnum_
> There are no other apparent errors in the installation attempt.  The only
> reference I can find to mp_numthreads_ is in sgitime; I find no reference to
> mp_my_threadnum_.  Can anyone supply me with a set of com files that work
> under this configuration.
> Gerson Cohen, NIH

You must have compiled in a multiprocessor machine (a CHALLENGE surely).
Those two functions are part of the mp library. If you sourced in the same machine before invoking, you
should get the correct flags that reference the mp library. If
you don't want a parallel version (that is not very efficient
with the automatic parallelizer) you can 'setenv XPLOR_NPROC 1',
source, recompile and link. Mods for a more efficient
parallelization are avaiable upon request.


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