Problem recompiling version 3.1

Omar G. Stradella omar at
Tue Nov 26 14:33:05 EST 1996

Omar G. Stradella wrote:

> You must have compiled in a multiprocessor machine (a CHALLENGE surely).
> Those two functions are part of the mp library. If you sourced
> in the same machine before invoking, you
> should get the correct flags that reference the mp library. If
> you don't want a parallel version (that is not very efficient
> with the automatic parallelizer) you can 'setenv XPLOR_NPROC 1',
> source, recompile and link. Mods for a more efficient
> parallelization are avaiable upon request.

Sorry for following up my own posting, but I realize that I should've
made clear that only academic customers can get these mods from us.
Commercial customers will, obviously, get the parallelized software
directly from MSI.



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