Huber reference

E Haas haas at PROPHET1.UNL.EDU
Thu Sep 5 16:00:38 EST 1996

Hey x-plorers!!

I'm trying to get my hands on the Huber 1985 reference from
Axel's great bib at the end of the x-plor manual.  Believe
it or not, our library can't seem to locate a copy
(so much for library science. . . )  This becomes a two-
part question:

1) for those of you who might happen to cross-pollenate
the ccp4 mail list, will this paper likely be in the
much hailed, soon to arrive Daresbury CCP4 book I've
been reading about??  (Sorry Axel - this is about like
asking for Craftsman tools in J.C. Penny. . . )

2) if "No" is the answer to question 1, does anybody
know where I could get a copy of this paper
(in "Proceedings of the Daresbury Study Weekend. . .")?

Thanks in advance!!
Eric Haas
Eric J. Haas  				  ehaas at 
Dept. of Chemistry			  haas at 
719 Hamilton Hall 
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Those who know not their history are doomed to repeat it.
Those who know not their chemistry are doomed to blow
  their #@!!%#@ hands off. . . 

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