Mon Sep 9 09:58:05 EST 1996

Hello, X-plor Users.

I have a quick question regarding grouped b-factor refinement.  I have added
a few waters and a glucose molecule to my model and I would like to be able
to refine their b-factors as well as those of the protein.  I have already
sent the coordinates through bgroup refinement and noticed that the b-factors
of the added molecules remained unchanged.  

Is it advisable to try to refine b-factors for waters in bgroup.inp?  If so,
what lines should I add to the input file? 

Thanks in advance for your help.

Jennifer Dunbar

  Jennifer Dunbar                  e-mail: jlh at bogosity.chem.psu.edu
  Dept of Biochemistry             Phone:  (814) 865 8383
  Althouse Laboratory              Fax:    (814) 863 7024
  Pennsylvania State University
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