wanted : x-plor for vms/axp

Gerson H. Cohen ghc at helix.nih.gov
Mon Sep 16 10:53:14 EST 1996

In article <51cj12$3di at neonlights.uoregon.edu> ingo at uoxray.uoregon.edu () writes:
>dear x-plorers,
>i have been trying to find an install.com for an axp-alpha
>(vms) in the new xplor38 files. 
>could it be that there isn't one ?
>if this is so (???) has anybody already taken the effort
>to make one ?
>if not, i'd be willing to give it a shot and share whatever
>i can accomplish ... 
>if yes .... :-) ?????
>                              thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!
>                                            ingo

I have installed xplor38 on an Alpha running OVMS 6.1.  My changes
have been documented to Axel.  If they are not included in the
coming 3.842 contact me and I will communicate them to you and anyone
else needing them.

Gerson Cohen, NIH

Dr Gerson H Cohen
National Institutes of Health, Bldg 5, Room 335
5 Center Dr, MSC 0560, Bethesda, MD  20892-0560  USA

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