chemical shift constraints

Elias Br|ms mnlebs at
Wed Sep 25 04:48:26 EST 1996

Professor Sybren Wijmenga at the Department of Medical Biochemistry=20
and Biophysics at Umea University, Sweden, needs in X-PLOR "the possibili=
for chemical shift constraints in NMR structure refinement of nucleic aci=
Is this something the latest version of X-PLOR can do? If not, has it bee=
implemented by someone else?

Also, I need some information about the parallel version of X-PLOR. What=20
parts have been parallelized, what system can it run on, when will it be=20

Please answer soon, preferably within two hours!!

Elias Br=F6ms
mnlebs at
Department of Computing Science
Ume=E5 University, Sweden

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