maps in X-plor 3.8

Dave Schuller schuller at
Thu Sep 26 13:42:55 EST 1996


we still have X-plor version 3.80.  We notice that map generation is somewhat
different from 3.1, despite the promises of complete compatibility.

1) while trying to generate a small map for testing we find that slightly
different map grid regions are generated when either specifying coverage
of a set of residues, or when specifying the map limits in Angstroms.
This is not creating any serious problems for us; I assume there was a bug
fix at some time.  It just complicated debugging of the next point.

2) The map format seems to have changed.  Formerly the last line of the file
read: "-9999".  Now this line is followed by an additional line containing
2 numbers; e.g.:
  0.1488E-11   0.1524E-01

This does create a problem for us, because program Setor, a fine and highly
reccomended viewing program, is unable to read the altered format.
Does this line contain scaling information or what?

and where can I read about
the change in format?  Is documentation for the new version available either
on-line or somewhere in the ftp distribution?  I picked up the regular
distribution, but not the complete (and huge) tutorial file.  The only thing I
could find was a directory /tutorial/manual which contained some .tex and .aux
files; nothing in any format I could read.

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