Proximity Software?

Gerard 'CD' Kleywegt GERARD at XRAY.BMC.UU.SE
Thu Sep 26 09:28:41 EST 1996

>Has anyone ever heard of "Proximity"?
You mis-spelled "X-PLOR" (the subject of this newsgroup).

>It's supposed to be some sort of Sales Person tracking package.
I don't know who told you this, but he/she has never refined
a protein or DNA structure (unless X-PLOR 3.843542651 contains
a new feature to solve the travelling-salesman problem ?).

>One of it's features is that you can bring up an map of the United States
Sorry, you're misinformed there.  Drawing electron density maps
is one thing X-PLOR cannot do, but look out for a program called
O (or FRODO or QUANTA or ...).  It works with proteins, DNA, etc.;
have never tried it on a United States though.

>and color-code each state according to which Sales Person is assigned to
Sounds advanced.  I knew I shouldn't have gone into science
and taken a Cobol course instead of Fortran.

>That is only one of it's features.  
(You misspelled "its".) True.  In the case of O, you can colour each
state by its temperature factor, pep-flip value, GNP, etc.

>It may not even be called Proximity. 
Indeed, as I explained above, it's called X-PLOR.

>The manufacturer may have "Proximity" in it's name.
("Its" again, Timothy !) Hmm, as in: Axel "Proximity" Brunger ???

>I would appreciate any help anyone can give.
Hope this helps.


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