patch for X-PLOR(online) 3.843

Dave Schuller schuller at
Fri Sep 27 11:25:53 EST 1996

In article <324AAE93.2F1C at>, brunger at LAPLACE.CSB.YALE.EDU ("Axel T. Brunger") writes:
|> There is a patch available for X-PLOR(online) 3.843 (patch3843a.tar.Z).
|> Axel Brunger

I saw the patch when I picked up 3.843 yesterday. does it affect any of the
program code or just data files?  The patch was dated 26 Sept, but the
pre-compiled executables were dated 24 Sept.  Will I have to recompile to
enjoy the benefits of the patch?
thank you,

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