WARNING! some R5000 indys have fp problems

Gary Sheldon Thompson garyt at bmb.leeds.ac.uk
Fri Apr 4 10:03:24 EST 1997

	I thought you all might like to know about an incompatability between
some R5000 based Indys and xplor. We recently had problems with running
YASAP a nmr structure calculation protocol by micael nilges on only one
of our R5000 based Indys, the protocol failed with a large number of
shake errors at random points in the calculation. We have now tracked
this down to a hardware (floating point) problem with some R5000 based
processor (/ processor daughter boards), as a replacement of our
revision B processor board with a revision F processor board cured the

I hope this helps some people, as it took us several week and a spare
R5000 Indy that worked to track down this problem 


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 folding of proteins by nmr.    England. 
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