Calculation of density map segments

Gregory J. Gatto gjgatto at WELCHLINK.WELCH.JHU.EDU
Thu Apr 10 16:04:04 EST 1997

I'm a novice X-PLOR user, and have run into some difficulty in electron 
density map calculation:

I would like to calculate a map over a small segment within the unit cell. 
I know that the EXTEnd=BOX mode (along with specification of XMIN, 
XMAX, YMIN, etc.)  will do this for me, but here's the catch...I would 
like to calculate a larger number of data points within that
box.  As it is now, using the EXTEnd condition described above, X-PLOR just 
looks the entire set of data points within the unit cell, and just 
outputs those points that fall within the box.

Can anybody help me out?  If so, please send email to the address in the 
signature below.

Greg Gatto

						Gregory Gatto
						Department of Biophysics
gjgatto at			JHU School of Medicine		Baltimore, MD 21205

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