mathematica-less TF/RF plotting

Charlie Bond charlieb at
Tue Apr 15 17:29:42 EST 1997

Hi All,
I wanted to look at my translation function, but don't have Mathematica.
I looked at the X-PLOR faq:

>Q.801 - How can I plot my translation function without
>Mathematica ? 
>try reading the file into MAPMAN, format type 3DMATRIX then EXtract
>the plane & convert to PostScript with O2D 

I couldn't get this to work straightforwardly because it needed the grid
dimensions of the 3dmatrix file, which weren't obvious from any of the
X-PLOR output.

Anyway, I've written a perl script which will take a translation or
rotation 3dmatrix as input and output either the grid (for use in
mapman) or an O map (using mapman).

If anyone's interested, its on


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